How to achieve anything


Have faith that the dots will connect. Everything you do with intent, no matter how big, or how well you understand the purpose, is a step towards achieving your dreams. First and foremost, get clear about what you want in life. Then, concentrate on taking steps in that direction.

I mentor business students at my alma mater, Minnesota State University, and preach this approach with each of them. Spending time with these young folks rewards me with a better perspective on how I arrived where I am today. The students expressed the same uncertainty and trepidation about their futures as I felt at their age.

Take Action

We practice this principle when we drive in the fog, sale across the ocean, or fly 1000 miles. We can’t see the destination, and often times we are off course, but we must continue moving forward and adjusting our heading. Repeat this over and over and over. Keep moving and adjusting. Moving and adjusting. You will arrive. It is physics.

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