Jason Wisniewski

Jason founded JW Equity Partners in 2017 to perform commercial real estate sales, leasing, development, syndication, and private lending. Today, it has expanded into farmland management and consulting.

A creative entrepreneur at heart, Jason has founded over one dozen businesses and committed 8 years to developing and selling agricultural electronics for John Deere, a Fortune 500 company, and Appareo Systems. Since 2014, he has operated businesses in real estate management, sales, and capital raising.


Born to fourth generation Polish and Norwegian immigrants, Jason grew up on a farm in southwest Minnesota. His family raised livestock and poultry while producing corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, and alfalfa. He sought to meld his farm background with his interest in innovative technology. After college he worked for ag tech companies leading projects in business and product development, and marketing. He instituted sales territories across the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Australia. Meanwhile, Jason started his real estate and consulting business, JW Equity Partners.

While working in ag tech, Jason began suspecting there were some holes in the story he was being told by company leaders and government officials. He kept hearing that "U.S. agriculture feeds the world". But Jason, now a university-educated business graduate, had learned a concept called "supply and demand". Armed with this concept, he questioned how commodity prices could continue a 50-year decline despite the world always teetering so near starvation. Throughout his life, Jason had seen his family's struggle to make ends meet on the farm. He had seen neighboring farms predictably absorbed into larger farms and his hometown close business after business. "Food is pretty important", he thought, "and if people are so hungry and food is so scarce, food prices should go up and even small farmers should be wealthy." That's when he asked, "Could it be that people are not hungry and food is not scarce?". He soon learned that indeed, this was the case. Click here to watch his presentation on the topic.


Today, Jason is on a mission to work with farmland owners and operators; developing ways to generate maximal profit and enhance the value of their land while stimulating their local economy. He believes you must first clearly define the problem before you can begin to solve it. By following the 6 Principles of Soil Health, Jason seeks to help producers get out of debt, earn a lucrative living, and build a better future for tomorrow. He is sharing his journey at www.regenquity.com and supports the Sustainable Farming Association and the Minnesota Soil Health Coalition.


In his free-time, Jason enjoys escaping to the family farm to hunt, play card games with family, and stargaze. However, he's most often found working at his computer or sitting on the patio reading a good book.